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"Wildlife has always been my main love, at least in my paintings. The creatures that I strive to capture in my art are the soul of my creative existence. Since I first began painting my own dogs, cats and horses, I knew that animals would be the center of my artistic life. The animals that I paint are all animals that I love. Some I have raised from babies, some are wild creatures that I was blessed to touch or just admire from a distance. Regardless of where or how I found them, the constant truth of it all is that I have fallen in love repeatedly during my life with dogs, cats, possums, raccoons, horses, giraffes, whatever I was sketching at that time. My life has been filled with wonderful relationships that have lasted from moments to years. I have tried to turn some of the results of my paintings back over to the animals that made it possible with zoo shows and private shows in which I donate up to 50% of my profits to the sponsoring animal group. If your organization is interested in having a show, please contact me at: barbara@barbarakeel.com
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Awards and Honors 1st Woman ever to paint 1st of State Duck Stamp 1st Place Winner, International Wildlilfe Art Exhibit (1st in 2 categories) 1st Place winner, 5 years, Atlanta Wildlife Art Exhibit COMMISSIONS Auburn Pups Georgia Puppies LSU Dog and Pup Florida Pups Kentucky Horses Jim Dandy Dog Food Company, Ebony and Colby Live Oak Plantation, Summer Daydreams International Fund for Animal Welfare, Baby Harp Seal Maxwell Air Force Base, Eagle Flight Rockfence Station, Freddie Commissioned to paint 5 tigers for Auburn's Tiger Walk Olin Corporation, Winchester, BJ Did It Pandas Hsing Hsing and Ling Ling, print owned by late President Richard M Nixon Commissioned by Five Starr Plantation to paint Murals and Originals Tiger of Memphis Auburn University, Auburn Tiger, War Eagle University of Ga Bulldog, Original Painting in movie, Midnight in Garden of Good and Evil Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine, 100 Year One woman exhibit St.Louis Zoo, Tulsa Zoo, Montgomery Zoo, Five Starr Plantation, Rockfence Station

CONTACT BARBARA: barbara@barbarakeel.com