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Barbara's Children's Books

The Cat Burglar

The Cat Burglar Cover Web.jpg

The Cat Burglar steals jewelry and other valuables. Now, it looks as though he has stolen a cat. It is up to Corgan to find both the cat and the burglar before it is too late. -- For middle readers--Written and Illustrated by Barbara Keel Lunsford

My Back Yard

My Back Yard Cover 18.10.16.jpg

My Back Yard is a collection of short stories taken from the life of a very imaginative child growing up in the '50's in the Deep South. Moving to a new home with no friends and no neighbors could have been devastating if it hadn't been for her invisible friends.

Tori's Critters

Tori's Critters Cover 7-16 - Copy.jpg

Tori loves animals, a giraffe most of all. Even though there is no giraffe in her future, her life is filled with the most marvelous of creatures including a wild boar, baby possums and baby raccoons--and Snoop, of course.--Written and Illustrated by Barbara Keel Lunsford

Before Your Very Eyes

Before your eyes.jpg

This wonderful children's book was written by Louise Kehrer Turner and illustrated by Barbara Keel Lunsford

The Little Dinosaur

Little Dinosaur Cover 7-16.jpg

Aspen has a new friend. The only thing is....no one can else can see him...and he is a little dinosaur.---Written and Illustrated by Barbara Keel Lunsford.

Grandma May's Ghost

Grandma May ArtCover (2).jpg

A creepy house, creepier older cousin and two weeks of vacation spent with both. Ciarra and her brother may need help from a ghost in order to survive. For middle readers, Written and Illustrated by Barbara Keel Lunsford

George and Sam and Harry

George,Sam and Harry - Copy.jpg

Children's book with different slant on the Big Bad Wolf storyline.--Written and Illustrated by Barbara Keel Lunsford

Momo Loves Her Little One

Momo Loves Her LIttle One.jpg

A trip to the Library finds an ancient book that is all about a grandmother with the same name as Zayn's that does the same things and sings the same songs. --Written and Illustrated by Barbara Keel Lunsford.

The Big Blue Boogleblaus


Is it a dragon or a mouse or maybe a combination of both? Whatever it is, it guards and protects Weather at home and at school and wherever else she goes. Everyone should have their own Big Blue Boogleblaus.--Written and Illustrated by Barbara Keel Lunsford.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

What do You Want to Be.jpg

Zazu has many options at his age. He knows he can be anything he wants to be when he grows up, race car driver, ice cream taste tester, roller coaster engineer. The List is endless. ---Written and Illustrated by Barbara Keel Lunsford

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