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Baby Harp Seal

New Pieces 017.jpg

Proceeds from the sale of these prints were used by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.--- Original Sold------ There are a few Artist Proofs available, $50 Small (8x10) matted mini prints, $10


New Pieces 018.jpg

I baby sat Arthur for two days at a prominent zoo. He was just like a human baby, diaper changes, bottle, etc. --- Original Sold,--- All prints sold except for small matted mini prints, $10

Baby Raccoons


I saw these little guys in Florida. One by one, they'd come out onto the log, hang onto the vine and get down next to their reflection. Whacking it to see it move and ripple, they'd then go back up and the next one would do the same. They never tired. --- Original Sold--- Artists Proofs (18"x24") at $50 each or small matted mini prints at $10.

Flying High


Our school mascot, flying high as he practiced. --- Original Sold--- Artist Proofs at $50 each. 17" x 22"--- Small matted mini print, $10



Wolf in snow, castle on hill, eyes along perimeter and flying bats.--- Original Sold--- Prints 11 x 14 $35,--- Small matted mini prints, $10 each.

Cougar on Limb

New Pieces 003.jpg

He lived in the St Louis Zoo and loved to sleep in the fork of his tree where he was eye level with the people he watched. --- Original Sold--- Prints available $35 17"x27" approx.--- Small (8x10) matted mini prints, $10

The Boss


I sat and counted wing feathers and as I got almost done, he looked right into my eyes, shook his entire body and stared at me as I had to start all over, and over, and over.--- Original Sold---- Artist Proofs $250 (24"x30")

The Flirt


The title says it all. They could not have cared at all that I was anywhere near as they only had eyes for each other. --- Original Pastel 24"x30" in heavy gold frame with neutral double mats $2500


New Pieces 013.jpg

Gray Fox on stump.--- Matted Mini Prints, (8x10) $10

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